The diagonals of le corbusier
Project info

My country India is famous for it's brilliant architecture and carving work, for example Taj Mahal. it's famous for for it's cinema and colorful culture. But this project of mine is in total contrast to it. what i intend to show through this series is that how peaceful and plane my city is. My city Chandigarh was designed by the master french architect and artist le corbusier. The only planned city in India. It was designed and planned after the independence of our country. Corbusier's motive was to make this city a place to relax and a place where old people would come, settle down and pass on the rest of their lives. Now it is more about us and the creative people in this silent city, that we aren't letting this city stay at peace, we don't want this city to be grey and pale, we want it to be colorful and happening, so subtly by doing this photo series i wanted to show how things are changing and how the people in our city still care about the heritage of this city.