Siberia on my mind
Project info

Anni Reuter’s photographs pictures the history of forced migration through her own family narrative. Siberia on my mind consists of photographs combining archival material of one family and contemporary photography. The theme tie the past time with the present, the artist’s family history in Siberia as well as the artist’s experiences in the North.

The photographs are based on her grate grandfather’s diary written in Siberian exile between 1931-1937 and the photo archives of family Jääskeläinen. The family lives now in diaspora in Russia, Finland, Estonia and Sweden. Their original home country, land of Ingria, no longer exist or exist only in memories, photographs and archives. As a background material, Reuter has used interviews and letters of the family members written in Ingria and Siberia.

With the support of historical and contemporary material, Reuter reflects on questions of historical roots, place and landscape of mind.