Savannah Community Artists Submission
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At the beginning of last year, Savannah's city council proposed a $400,000 budget cut to its arts programs. The public outcry was massive. Artists from all fields and mediums protested the decision together. From this, a bond formed in the community. The city's threat for budget cuts was tabled, and Savannah grew closer together. Local artist, Rob Hessler, explains that he saw the art community come together in a way he had never seen before.

It is now a year later and that bond has not died. The artists’ community constantly still seeks to promote its members, and elevate each others’ work. Even within a competitive environment, artists hope to help each other grow.

Even the local museums have stepped in to lend exposure to local art. The program, “#Art912”, hosted by the Jepson Center for the Arts, gives local artists a chance to exhibit as a part of the museum.

These six local artists, pictured in the portfolio, are just the tip of the iceberg. However, they represent and unique atmosphere for local art. an atmosphere built on the ideas of collaboration and acceptance.

I sought to show these artists beyond their galleries. To look into their creative spaces and piece together what makes Savannah unique. I witnessed many differences in process and technique. From the use of reclaimed materials and found objects to traditional charcoals, all mediums were represented. However, beyond process I witnessed a group of artists who are constantly contributing to their city. Whether through community projects or by teaching the next generation of artisans, Savannah artists express compassion and ambition to improve the city they represent.