Dust to Dust
Project info

“Dust to dust. I’m walking on a cloud. My feet had sunk in the warm powder out of millions of years of history. Yet, in this place, there was no yesterday and there will be no tomorrow. Everything is now.

Wind. Silky rustle fills the air. A golden curtain blurs the world. The calm in the storm. I take a deep breath through a protecting scarf. A city in the middle of nowhere disappears in itself. I’m home.

I’m wading trough a landscape without contrast, without depth, without scale. The curtain opens up. The dimmed sun loses its sharp edge and dips the scenery in a diffuse yet glaring light. A silhouette in the distance dances to the mute crackle in the air.

Everything is now. A gust. Powder covers the sun. I’m immersing it. Protection. I can’t see my feet. Silence. Warm dust embraces my face. A city in the middle of nowhere disappears in itself. A deep breath. I’m home. Dust to dust.”

If I had the chance to exhibit this project, I will show the photographs as large format giclee prints on heavy matte paper, 40x60inch for the landscape formats and 26.7x40inch for the portraits. The prints would show an additional 4inch white border and be frameless mounted. Both scale and texture of the prints allow the viewer to see only the image, to fade out its environment, to discover depth and details, which are invisible at first sight, to immerse in the atmosphere of the captured, to feel the dust on her/his skin, and to become part of it.