Mongolian lullaby
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The Mongolian Empire was once the greatest in the history of mankind. Today, the country - as large as Europe - is one of the most sparsely populated in the world. In 2015, the third millionth Mongolian citizen was born - and his 2.999.999 fellow citizens were more than proud of that. The quality of pride belongs to these people just as much as the quality of modesty and endurance.

Mongolians are tough and romantic by nature. They are hard-working and hard-partying, both in the few cities and in the vast countryside. Even though many Mongolians live in houses and flats today (at least most time of the year), they keep their traditions and their heritage strongly alive. Nearly each and everyone of them knows how to set up a yurt ('ger'), how to slaughter a sheep or a goat with almost no water at all, and how to play the horse head violin in a way that makes you feel the enormous majesty of their country.

During the recent years, Mongolians also learned how to set up a Facebook account, how to apply for a loan in order to buy an iPhone for the prize of several annual salaries and how to become a migrant worker in South Korea in hope for better wages.

The Mongolian society is still in transition between its Socialist past, and a long awaited, highly questionable Capitalism. Mongolia is a country full of raw materials, scarily innocent naivité and growing change. Those, who don't care about waiting for its uncertain future impatiently - well, they just take it easy... and take a nap.