"Dear Leader" a body of work by Dan Huiting
Project info

I am not rich. Each of these photographs has cost me thousands of dollars to create, which is why there are only five of them currently. I have applied for grants locally, but I also am hoping the attention that something like this could give might put someone in my path that would be able to help me do what I want to do most: create my art, and finish this body of work. I want to commit all of the images that are in my head to paper, through color and light. So I can feel like I've done my part. Help turn my whisper into a shout. I'm greatly affected and troubled by our current situation in this country. It feels like a duty to use my talents for good, to get the word out, to affect change through awareness, conversation, and direct action. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I greatly appreciate this opportunity!