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In our hearts, we never stopped dreaming of the places we'd go to, of the people we'd meet, of the food and drink we'd consume, of who we might become out on the open road. We always found ourselves caught in the haze of daydreaming, imaging our feet moving alongside mountain ranges so vast and majestic that life's woes seemed as small and insignificant as one would seem standing next behemoth peaks. We never stopped hoping that we'd see a world so glorious and beautiful that our hearts would be filled to the brim with delight and joy. We were never ready for the fire to die, so we decided we'd never let it fade. That we'd dance along the shores of pristine alpine lakes, or stop to watch as a herd of buffalo descend upon a valley. We swore that we'd move to the beat of our own drum, setting course for wherever our heart desired; that time was on our side, and that the fire still burned hotter than the depths of hell. We made a promise-that we'd never let the fire die.