Blue Mind
Project info

Mother Ocean is my refuge. Powerful & vulnerable. Pure & wondrous
Under the surface, blue landscapes call to me. They invite me to experience both an inner and outer journey. I find inner peace flying from one rock to another in a single breath. As a result, sharing those peace-inducing landscapes has become a passion and necessity for me.

I created this series between Reunion Island, Mauritius Island, and the island of Mayotte, sailing from one place to another. I feel respectful and connected to nature and its beauty and explore her beauty through freediving. No motor, no light, no scuba. All I need is wind, my breath and my eyes too allow me to make those dreamt sceneries my reality.

In this series, I want to explore the connection of the human being with the environment that surrounds us. Also, to share what mother ocean told me “ Nature transcend us. Why trying to control it ? “