Project info

This work is based on the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi, a famous poet scholar, teacher & a friend. His poetry is about the journey in oneself. Rumi is like a wise teacher and a friend who sits next to you, wraps you in his arms and recites in soft whispers the deepest secrets of his mystic world against your ear. He talks only about love and there never seem to be any variations of it. It is always about the love that revolves around us, is within us, and flows in and out like a stream finding its way to its river, and the river to its sea but there is no way of knowing which is which; just as water is water, love is love.

According it him, everything is a state of mind. You become your obsession; hence obsess over something that would last. The love we experience for anything in this world doesn’t last and only is a result of a deep sadness that it births from or arrives when this love dies. Hence, he says, take pleasure in that undying bliss which is inside you.

He has taught me that I am more than my restrictions; personal and societal. That I am more than my body, fears, joys and sorrows. That I am more than anything I could imagine being. Everything is within me and I am within everything. You are invincible, he says. You are divine, he says. You are magic, he says. If you can understand Rumi as himself, you will also fall in love with him. If you don’t, well then you don’t.

The images are based on the inner journey of Soul & finding the eternal bliss.