Arboreal Phantasmagoria
Project info

Phantasmagoria is a stimulation of the senses that is obtained by representing reality through visual illusion. I have applied this concept to the trees, to obtain images that transform them into different realities and new landscapes.
I love trees and I love to take pictures of them. I would like my images of trees to be viewed exclusively from a sensory perspective. Nothing more than that. I would like to leave complete freedom to those who see my pictures; so that they can "fly" where they want to go, depending on a memory association, a smell, a word, or an emotion lived, stored and rediscovered looking at my trees.
My images use the composition captured in the original shot, to create new spaces both physical and emotional. In this “new spaces”, the initial reality persist but, at the same time, they make our perception finds a new dimension and a diagonal vision that in part is rooted in the origin (the tree) and partly flies to the search for other horizons.