Light Bending
Project info

While the fundamentals of art and design guide my photography it is when I break the rules that I feel most exhilarated behind the camera. When inspiration and liberation get together the results are magical, hard to predict and always rewarding.
I aim to create images that do more than simply express a photographic style. I aim to engage my viewers and invite them to question their own assumptions about the world.

In the spirit of the ‘slow food movement’ I give you ‘slow art’, art that presses the pause button and encourages viewers to linger and to become open to new perspectives. However, slow art is more than just pausing to reflect and interpret the nuances and messages in a single piece; it is a meeting place for conversation between artist and viewer.

‘FLOW’ photographic art series:
This body of work has been growing both physically and conceptually for a few years. What started as whimsical in-camera-movement (ICM) has morphed into a search for a greater understanding of light and our perception of it. My art is still rooted in single exposure, in-camera captures but I am pushing my cameras and the art of photography into new territory. I am coaxing my audience to open their eyes to a part of their world they have neither seen nor knew existed.

Visual elements in my scenes are disassembled and remixed, seemingly transforming matter into light and light into matter. The viewer is left to ponder the blurred boundaries between photography and painting, between reality and fantasy, settling on their own interpretations and perhaps questioning everything else they think they see from that point forward.