The angel from Sukhothai kingdom
Project info

I plan to work 'How about 13th CE Sukhothai meet modern History park now'. So i have idea for explain as image like the Thai angel 'Nangfha' from Sukhothai era for visit modern History Park. I ask to model wear the Sukhothai traditional dress and jump for explain it`s the angel 'Nagfha'. I have to said be inspired forgot the name artist. I saw his work at french photo magazine 'PHOTO' at 1997. I can`t find name or anything. Cos, all write by french and that magazine is gone while i move the house couple of times. Whatever he is well know photographer i guess. The 'PHOTO' magazine introduce he`s work 3,4 page at the time. If you know something please let me know. Anyway it`s kind of hommage to him from Korean photographer.

If the reality is express of illusion, 'Nangfha' is the history itself what she remember glory of Sukhothai. Great era of kingdom are vanish and forgot for rediscovery as all history do that. Even in this present will into the same circle of repeat. When the time wi