Abstract by Nature
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Abstracts by Nature

Sometimes it is the simplest of things, if we only take the time to look, can provide us with unexpected scenes of beauty.

Usually seaweed and other debris that naturally washes up on the beach from the ocean will be bulldozed away each morning before beach-goers arrive. Pristine sand is all they see.

But more and more communities are realizing that by not removing the accumulated seaweed it creates natural barriers against beach erosion and also supplies habitats for dozens of little critters.

I discovered an additional bonus to the policy of not grooming the beach. As I walked along the beach I was hit with the realization that there were wonderful abstract tableaus everywhere I looked. I was amazed at the seemingly perfect placement of graceful lines in the sand created by floating bits and pieces of random seaweed.

These are photographs of just some of those scenes.

Jan Anderson-Paxson