This Fleeting Life
Project info

While not being somewhere in the middle, we focus on and look at the beginning and the end where time feels short, where life seems to pass quick and one comes just as fast as one goes, time feels more tangible. In this series I am looking at fleeting moments no matter how big or small, all with their beginnings and an endings. They are direct reactions to life as is or pre constructed reactions to life as is. In my work one will find a continual search for the unreal in the real, something that hints towards another world, a dreamy world, a surreal world. Aiming to evoke a sense of weightlessness, wonder and contemplation, while stylistically being minimal, simplistic and colorful. The subjects are all paser-bys and fleeting beings of our time, nothing that we can hold onto, but that we can stop and grab through photos, only to morph, manipulate and interpret into something else, another reality.