The Dreamer
Project info

The series is a selection from my life-long portrait project photographed with a 35mm camera “The Dreamer -message from a human being-”. Started in 2016 as I spent 8 months on a street, while living in a van, of a small village located among the mountains of Australia. A unique place often regarded as a hippie town where most people, including travellers flowing in and out everyday, have chosen to live a simple life style (or primitive) in the nature, as away from the society as each of them wish to be.
The project is focused on capturing the sparks of joy and the energy of love of the people I meet on the street or in the bush in and around the village. To carry the message that we, as humans, should not be limited in expressing ourselves by the rules of the modern society and its overly competitive atmosphere no matter how unique the personality, as well as to consequently expand one's idea of what a "proper life" is.