Water Meditation
Project info

In this project I try to explore the meditative nature of water and share an interpretation of it.

The stillness of water is a metaphor for the resting mind; drifting ice, mountains, rocks, bridges, traces in the sand are representations of thoughts and ideas that go through the mind. Thoughts that emerge in a resting mind resonate peacefully. The fundamental idea for me, and hopefully for the viewer, is to reverse the causality stream and obtain internal peace of mind by creating and sharing peaceful imagery.

Generally speaking, my photographic approach starts with an idea, a place, and a series of images that go from the most obvious to the most essential. The process is one of simplification which repeats itself - within a single session or through multiple trips to the same place under different conditions - until the inherent nature of the landscape emerges. This inherent nature is beautiful and finding it allows me to move a little closer to the essence of things. My wish is to move the viewer with me to this same place.