Project info

The collection named after people who choose streets as a shelter, “Sleepers”.
Once i decided to sleep in a point that i captured most of sleepers, i chose a spot and struggle to sleep. Maybe it's hard to explain how you can close your eyes and take a nap in a crowded and noise streets of a huge city. Nap took about 20-30 minutes, i couldn't believe there`s a way to sneak out of congestion. After this experience about what i'm capturing, two points attracted my attention.
1. The profit of this nap for me was light head in middle of chaos, but the lighted head disappeared with the staring looks by pedestrians. The passerby looks at me was amazed, greedy, wide-eyed or astonished.
2. In a moment you are sleeping in the most public playground in a city, basically you are a passerby or you work in street. Sleepers in everyday life beside what they are doing or what time of day is that, they’ll spend couple of moment do not adhere to principles.
Somehow these occasions losing color in sleepy eyes.