Kitandeiras. Women Workers.
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Mercado de Catinton. Luanda. Angola

"Strength does not come from physical ability. It comes from an indomitable will". Mahatma Gandhi.

Those amazing women work hard all the days in minimum conditions.. and never lose their smiles.. suffering and praying for a better life but never lose their smiles.. This is the positive point of view of those women..smiling all the time in all circumstances.


With the globalization of our old markets are disappearing, replaced by monochords shopping centres. I have developed my work around these fundamental places of encounter, true centres of any community, both East and West, both of Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.
We used to go to the market to buy vegetables, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, flour, spices, flowers...we used to go to the market to meet our neighbours and, thus, to take the pulse of our community, because in the market we could learn of the latest developments.
I like still frequent the markets for its sensuality, because of its richness in colours, smells, sounds...emotions alive. I like to get lost in the crowd, enjoy the confusion caused by the mingled cries of vendors offering their best prices, your most exquisite products.
I like to feel the contact of the people in the confusion of the queues, hear the chatter of customers and walkers, observe the complacent smile of the merchants. For me it has always been a pleasure to get lost in its alleys, among its people; in order to touch, feel, smell their products and revel in the ingenuity of many of their vendors.
I feel nostalgia of those old markets where mixed people of all type and condition, that came and went in a hectic gibberish and we passed a beautiful sense of life. These places are for me a source of inspiration, constitute a beautiful picture, a representation of life in almost all its nuances and emotions.
The market is also a point of encounter with our past. The market were our mothers and many times we ourselves also were in charge of making an incursion into this big world that we sometimes frightening, sometimes they attracted, always concerned us.
I still remember, when I accompanied my mother to the market, as the vendors said with a sympathetic smile " That beautiful is his daughter " or "how much he has grown the girl child". A pleasure for my mother and me.
Markets with history, with a whole life marked on the face of your vendors, hard lives of tireless workers. Markets that reflected the harsh struggle for survival and the ever-present challenge of how to get to the end of the month, but markets also cheerful, friendly game of words, the catch phrases, the joke, the joke ironic about the present moment and its main actors.
Claimed these ancient markets as an essential source of experience, have always been fundamental for the smooth development of the communities. The market offers us a series of proposals that facilitate the approach and subsequent knowledge of "the other" are a living mosaic that represents situations in which adults collaborate and interact, empathy, friendship and sometimes also the enmity, there are manifest. It is in these markets where we are made clear in the passage of time and best reflected part of our history.
For all these reasons, my objective, and recent point of aesthetic reflection have been markets, from any part of the world. Attempt with my work to make a tribute to those who lost and, on the other hand, recognize and reflect that fortunately still with us. I intend to retain them in our retina and, in this way, make them imperishable. You searched for with my photographs that its people endure and transcend and so we pass on, in some way, the multiple emotions to me the markets causes, without ever losing, these great women, their smiles...What are You going to want today, my heart?

To this great fighters that feed us with their smiles, I dedicate this project, still unfinished, is the market’s path, open to the sky.