Working Hands - Building an Airplane
Project info

‘Working Hands’ is a project conceived during a conservation photography shoot with lobstermen in Maine. I was struck by how hard the work was, but in particular by the deftness and speed of the stern-man’s hands and how they determined the flow and efficiency of the day. This inspired me to begin a study of the beauty of hands that build, hands that create, hands that work hard.

Hands are one of humanity’s most precise instruments and most valuable assets. They are the vehicles through which we make our thoughts and ideas take form. In a world where most everything is now made or done for us, where the effort of production is largely removed from view, an appreciation for the beauty of hands doing work seems valuable.

The 'Building an Airplane' series captures a project of EAA Chapter 20 to build an airplane with young people. Several generations of hands are seen working together, from high school aged youth, through experienced engineers and a master aircraft restorer.