Project info

I lost my Dad last April. It was such an emotional shock.The months before and after his passage in a "elsewhere", specific places attracted me.My hypersensitivity predisposes me to arrest the world more from my senses than from my reason (even if I think...sometimes ;-) ), which has led me to shoot through my emotions.This photographic work is in a way the revelation of all these emotions. Technically I wanted to keep the vignetting on certain photos and to accentuate the black tones to translate the oppressive and tormented atmosphere that weighed on me at this moment.No stative either because I did not want something thoughtful but rather of immediat.Water in different states is the common thread.On one of my photos, I quote Marguerite Duras who says "To write is screaming noiselessly", I feel exactly the same by photographing, as well as a visceral need to share it. This work helps me to channel and dress ("panser" in french) my trauma.(...hope you understand my bad english :-) )