Once We Were Here
Project info

All of my ‘Passages’ series are about our relationship with the environment around us: how we perceive it, how we live in it, how we relate to it. The more we move to urban lifestyles that are connected mostly through the web of technological means, the less we understand the world we live in and thus lose our respect towards it.

This series is a ‘hypothetical archeology of the failed ideology of the conquest of nature’: it is my belief that the idea of ‘conquering’ nature has become an excuse for the indiscriminate abuse of the land. Individuality and personal freedom have turned into selfishness; there is no social accountability, no price to pay for any environmental damage. I therefore imagine a near future where humans have self-destructed and disappeared. Strange documents analyze mysterious artifacts left behind, raising questions on the very relationship this civilization had with its environment: what was the purpose and intent? How did the parts relate to the whole? As the story unfolds, we witness the natural resources dwindling away, water disappearing, and the archeological relics becoming more intrusive and aggressive.

It is my hope that these images will act as a reminder that each of us carries the responsibility for the whole.