The Outsider syndrome
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Everything in the beginning is complicated, and then you just realized the new will change in in- credible. Now you know the time pass by, really fast.
My first five years in Edinburgh was just like that more than 30.000 young Spanish are on the same situation as I do. This situation surprises my because we are 500.000 people in this city. For a Islander like me, born in Gran Canaria, the contrast of colors, and the weather the capital of Scotland offer me, make a constant nostalgic feeling for my country.
A nostalgic feeling for the progress came to the Canary Islands long ago for the tourism. At this time Europe start become one, full of opportunities, and then we become outsiders from our own people, our city, all got broke.
A young guys like me start looking for more opportunities from those come before to enjoy our country.
Now Europe is putting walls, and just like that Spain became a big Theme park, old fashioned, its something bizarre for those are looking, and shameful for us.