Striving to Meet Reality
Project info

I invite you to look at this project as a pseudo reality of our reality. It is more than just a quirky and magical world, you can consider it a mirror. A mirror that you can reflect in, a mirror where you see a lot of questions, but you will find no concrete answers. The truth you will have to find in yourself.
You will be taking a stand on topics such as consumerism, capitalism, self-perception, even reality itself gets questioned.
IKEA creates the frame that surround this project, and as you flick through the pictures you will see people roaming around in the showroom apartments. The costumers act as if it was their own, but it is not. It is a fake reality that they treat like their reality, which gives it an ironic duality. A duality that I like to think makes you wonder if the people in these pictures are even real.
As you spent more time in this world you will see cracks in the reality, Cracks that becomes visible with the power of the flash. The IKEA co-workers have done an excellent job hiding the cracks, so they can only be found if you ask the right questions or look at the right place.
So as you stare into the artificial horizon, what would you then like to know?