60 Second
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My mother did not look at her family album never again after that date. On the
contrary, I was always searching for people and faces. I was looking for
something on all pages of our family album. Something that was not there
anymore and nobody likes to look at to its emptiness.
In midnight of June 21, 1990, an earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes destroyed
many parts of the city of Roodbar and Manjil and its countryside. An
earthquake that killed 35,000 people injured, 60,000 and left 500,000
27 years later the devastating effects of that 60 seconds is still visible in
regional people's lives. The physical and psychological scars of that
devastating earthquake and its bitter memories have never been forgotten.
I was born one year after the earthquake in ...
An earthquake that swallowed most of my mother's family.
I have decided to go to my motherland after all these years and follow the
signs to reach to that 60 seconds in 27 years ago.