Lower Lands
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For ages, the southern territory of the Ebro river Delta in the South of Tarragona, Spain, the Baix Ebre (which translates as Lower Ebro) had no tourist interest at all. In 1983 the area was declared National Natural Park, which brought since then, together with the subsequent growth of ecotourism, a renewed attention on the natural aspects of the territory (vast wetlands, gastronomy, beaches, natural trails bird watching...). However, most visitors show not so much attentiveness in less bucolic spaces that reflect the everyday life of their rural dwellers, such as dull buildings or structures by the road that might be seen with a lack of interest, but which contain the undisguised essence of the region, the influence of the environment, the earth, the vast skies, or the crop cycles on their inhabitants. These vernacular spaces silently reflect an idiosyncratic way of life.