Bali's exploding skate scene
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After moving to Bali from the UK last August, I tumbled head first into the country's exploding skate scene. The tattoos, body adornments, clatter of trucks on the concrete and the heat from the Indonesian sun were an assault on the senses and within ten minutes, I was hooked. I'd left my old life of conformity, going to work every day and proper shoes behind me; it left room for something was like a breathe of fresh air.

As a woman, and with no history of skateboarding or a tattoo in sight, it initially took great courage to enter this scene and capture intimate moments of the skaters and their spectators; but eight months on and I found this scene to be warm and welcoming, bringing locals and bule (Indonesian word for foreigner) of all ages together; kind of like an open community and we're all invited.