Hidden Russia
Project info

I got in Russia without any expectation. After a couple of days there, I just went to the train station in Vladivostok with my ticket and jumped on a train heading west. My final destination was Moscow, 9.300 km away from there.
As I went through cities, town, villages I began to understand better Russians and their places. At least this is what I thought. But there was something, something missing that started to puzzle me. Any person or place was hiding itself.

So I tried to capture this feeling. Represent the curiosity to know what someone was saying, where people where going next, or even what they're thinking. The same happened observing things and places: why there's no one in this town? what's behind this curtain? why someone abandoned this big house? And so on.

Usually when I visit a new country I try to get an idea of how people are and live, and for the first time, travelling through Russia the strongest idea I had was doubt, mystery and this puzzling sensation.