Project info

The images presented in this submission while somewhat divergent in subject matter, share common thematic links and a consistent aesthetic. They are thematiclly connected and divided into a few groups of 3 representing my work and sensibility from different locations and vantage points.
These groupings include:
ARCHES - An exploration of a classic and familiar urban architectural motif featuring bridges and arches presented in various colors and lights - mostly just as found.

SUBWAY PORTAL - Presenting various perspectives at a few entry/exit points to New York City subway stations - Each one is a mystery to enter and behold. What lies beneath? Who and what is below? Who has emerged? Some are raw and gritty, some are metaphors and reflect the urban landscape above.

SUBWAY LIFE - Bold color, graffiti, fashion and style on aging cracked tiles designed to move masses - featuring individual styles and statements. Steps, beams, graffiti art, bold personal statements share a subterranean
uniquely 'New York City' urban feel. Black and white in color.

MIDWAY - The incongrous in the iconic - a study using bold colors and serendipitous happenstance to share a spontaneous but dreamy above surface point of view. All are intended to capture and convey the juxtaposition of a central figure or figures in a dream like carnival- setting. Even the Cup & Saucer diner streets feels like a carnival.

CHILDS PLAY - From the streets of Tokyo, New York and India, the carnival theme continued, illustrated with bold colors and in black and white. Children displaying masks, a chilled gazing from a Harlem window, schoolgirls on the street. I am moved by the diversity and commonality.

All of these images ask the same age old cliched question is life imitating art or is it verse-visa?
My perspective -