Saw These and Thought About You
Project info

I’m a self-taught photographer who’s been making work in Ontario for four years. I took up photography in my mid-30s after collaborating with artists from the Boreal Collective and Toronto’s photographic community.

My earliest projects document my Caribbean heritage and Canadian identity. My mixed-race background and experience as an only child nurtured a unique, melancholy internal world. In this world exists my idea of half-spaces: everyday scenes and moments transformed by a lack of immediate context.

Saw These and Thought About You is a collection of images
taken in 2016. The project further develops a body of work around my concept of half-spaces, and examines the general living of life based on wherever I happened to be.

I moved to London from Toronto in the fall of 2015. Most of the images appearing in Saw These and Thought About You were shot in London; thus, the project offers a unique perspective on the town from an outsider exploring its streets for the first time.