Partie de campagne_La scampagnata
Project info

-I often come here, here I have my best memories..
- And there is also my best memory.
( J.Renoir, Partie de Campagne)

What place is it?
What were they doing there?
Why did they go away?

Partie de campagne is a photographic project that raises questions without giving answers, leaving the viewer the freedom of imagining the kids who abandoned some McDonald’s leftovers in a football field, or where might have gone the participants of a birthday party by the river.

The images show the leftovers of a picnic without showing the people who arranged it or the things they did.
The project was inspired from my Erasmus experience in Porto, after observing the leftovers of my Canarian flatmates the mornings after their Parties, trying to imagine wha exactly might have happened the night before (I found things such as a shopping cart, Christmas trees, road signs and plushes cows).