Silky Sunset Series
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The moment when the setting sun touched the horizon, the sky was lid with a golden hue. It painted a spectacular backdrop for the pelagic silky sharks that came out to hunt. Whereas silky sharks are classified as near-threatened due to shark-finning and bycatch, they are aplenty in the marine sanctuary of Jardines de la Reina, Cuba.

It was a stroke of good fortune that the sea was calm, which allowed the sunrays to pierce distinctly through the water. I wanted to capture the grace of the silky sharks, in contrast with the dramatic setting sun. I was under a lot of time pressure take the shots. As the window of the golden light shrunk, the boatman was hurrying me to exit the water. Shark waters can be dangerous on the surface when it gets dark. It was also too dangerous to navigate around shallow reefs after the sun sets. Given what time that could be afforded to me, I took this series of pictures.