Cahun, my pinhole pop up camera
Project info

The goal of the project is to make Cahun, a pinhole pop up camera.
When folded, it is a travel notebook, once it is opened a stenopeic camera “jumps out”, ready to be used.

To create the camera, Daniela used two downloadable prints that, like an origami, can be cut out and folded along the dotted lines to produce a small camera obscura. The light, filtered through the stenopeic hole, generates a mirrored and upside-down image inside the camera, which is thus imprinted onto the film. The image so produced, though not very clear, nevertheless represents an original point of view capable, even if only for the duration of the exposure, of sharing light and time with the recorded reality.

The name Cahun is an homage to Claude Cahun the French photographer who favored shadows, as opposed to light, as the revealing element of her identity.

Cahun inaugurated the workshop section of the operating platform bcomeblog. com and it was presented at ArtVerona 2O12- a fair for Italian modern and contemporary art galleries- in the section Indipendents3, dedicated to independent and experimental artistic and cultural experiences, a catalyst of new trends.