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"There was no time, no thought, there was nothing – just the light and a profound, limitless stillness.” (Pema Chodron)

Stillness draws a parallel between our life and a seascape and observes what happens after a sudden and unexpected storm.

The sea represents the constant flow of time and events, the buoys our values and reference points and deep down in the sand there is our true essence, as much fundamental as often invisible.

But when something major happens, everything is shaken: the time stops, the tide washes over us, the buoys are in the sand. And we are the sand. And we are the buoys.

While we focus on our true essence and connect the dots, the introspection of those quiet, defining moments reveals itself as revolutionary and lays the groundwork for a new beginning.

The series has been shot in September 2017 and it is presented as a sequence of different frames of one story: the healing path that leads us from a trauma back into life.