Here I Am
Project info

Nieves Mingueza is a photo-collage artist and Special Educational Needs professional in Primary Schools who, with the series ‘Here I Am’ shows a sensitive, low-key portrait of childhood autism.
The images in ‘Here I Am’ are inspired by her personal experience in a Special School in South London, as a way to connect with autistic children’s universe.
With the help of minimal poetry the artist links images with a wide range of deep emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Here I Am

Automatic language. Poet’s heart.
Growing up on a swing. Flying like a bird.
Playground. Sound. Song.
Loving the smell of books.
Drawing. Puzzling out emotions.
Well done. I got it.
Switch off the light.
The proper distance with the group. Unique. One.

School. She said that I am a little fish. Swimming.
Giving. Giving.
Tears are in her eyes.
I put my tiny hands on her eyes.
White fog and deep sea and dark rocks.

Home. When I sleep I become a plant.
Love you, mummy.
X364 X364 X364 Off the cuff.
Granny is waiting for me with a bird on her shoulder.

This means than over 695.000 people in the UK may be autistic.
If you include their families, autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people.

It’s a gold day. I wrote a poem with just three words:
Here I Am.