Other Planet
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Guangfu Village was the first new township established by the ROC government in Taiwan after World War II.
But due to the rebuild plan by the government after the 1999 earthquake, most of the residents have gradually moved away and only a few families remain because of the dispute on the relocation compensation.
While there was supposed to be a plan by the government to establish a cultural and creative business district that offers a glimmer of vitality in the nearly deserted village, the whole project is still a pipe dream at this point.
The village is surrounded by clusters of ruins but you can still see signs of history through the broken windows and shattered doors. What remains there are a group of alerted strayed cats that keep an eye on me but remains at distance from this stranger in the neighbor.

I got down to the ground and approached these "new residents" with a more leveled perspective.
Just with a brief observation, I notice that their interaction, reaction, and expression were so similar to us in the human society.
It reminded me of a photo journal that I did about the stray dogs as well as the movie "Planet of the Apes" series.
Can not help but to imagine that in this corner of this quiet village, in fact, hide the incredible little world.
Another planet, a planet of the cats!