What Remains Part II
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Despite negotiations and the Minsk Protocol, the region of Donbass is still torn by a somber war that holds thousands of families hostage in the city of Donetsk.The DNR government endorsed by Russia brought back relative peace. Notwithstanding, martial law is still in force today with a strict 11 pm curfew.
Peripheral areas and nearby villages are subject to constant bombing.Two years have elapsed, and while Ukrainian refugees in Donbass continue to be housed in temporary facilities, children have become familiar with the sound of artillery.
Without an international resolution, Donbass is doomed to war. A war that, were the cease-fire which was agreed a year ago actually applied, would not be taking place.
In Horlovka, Petrov’kiy, Spartak, Andjievka and Yasenavatya, the most afflicted areas, civilians risk being bombarded nightly. Nevertheless, they strive to return to normality.

(from What Remains part I)