Facing of
Project info

In my series named "Facing of" I was dealing with the concept of irrational fear that I visualised with my photographs.

Fear is the most common sense that is about the same age as humanity. There’s no life without fear. Fear is something that every single person feels and the subject of our anxiety usually depends on the way we socialise. Many things can be dangerous to people and in many cases the source of danger is different.
Fear is a feeling that refers to the future. We never know what the future holds, we can only make assumptions that can be probable or less probable. We can only imagine the events of the future by fantasising about it.
This is how rational and irrational fear seperate. We don’t know the real reason behind irrational fear and the moment it becomes rational is when we find out exactly what we are afraid of. Irrational fear is more likely to be felt as a child, when everything’s new and unknown. But sometimes grownups can still feel it too.

It’s always important to try to overcome our fear because having that heavy feeling every day can easily damage our life. Facing our irrational fear can be a way to defeat it – finding out that actually we had nothing to be afraid of.

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