Mobile expressionism
Project info

"I´ve never taken a picture I ´ve intended. They´re always better or worse"
Diane Arbus

Experimenting with my mobile at concerts and nightclubs has paid off. Using long exposures (1 to 4 seconds) I have captured some unexpected photographs that somehow capture the saturation and crowdedness I experience in these places. Like german expressionism; red, purple, yellow and orange create highly saturated contrast and deliver unexpected compositions that allow us to find a deeper meaning, always assisted by randomness and luck.

This project is a selection among hundreds of photographs captured through these experiments. Until now more were taken in just one week. This is an ongoing project, in which the only tool will be my mobile. Although the quality of the photographs is considerably low, due to the still existing limitations of mobile photography, I like to ignore it. "Image quality" is not important for me. What I am looking for in a photograph is that it makes me feel something, that moves me, that disturbes me or questions me.

White balance and saturation have not been moved in post production. Slight adjustments have been made.