Connected Thoughts 2016/2017
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​Memories are what you no longer want to remember
Joan Didion

I have been living in England for 26 years about the same time I lived behind the Berlin Wall. However, I always feel something is missing, I am unable to feel grounded, my thoughts drift back to my former life. Writing and reading helps me to understand my work process and provides a focus. I feel I can hold on to something. It has developed into a compulsive necessity.
The constructed objects I place them into familiar surroundings act as a filter, distort the view through the lens and transform the image and activate a response. I feel memories reconstruct themselves, making new connections. Words and numbers appear, a sense of something intangible begins to reveal itself. Recollecting, reiterating and visualising these thoughts, a process of re-examination provides orientation. The feeling of disconnectedness changes into something I can identify with and have ownership of.