Butterflies Are Sign Of Good Thing
Project info

An observational research on women in Accra and surrounding neighborhoods , about their ways to survive in the lack of economical opportunities.

Background: This project is the continuation of my long-term project "I've Never Been Big Sick", that addresses women working as prostitutes in Western Europe.

Through my experiences in exploring the prostitution field in Western Europe, I have met several African women from places like Nigeria and Ghana. I became familiar with their attitudes and culture, which they continue to try to preserve in their new cultural environment. The relationship to my african protagonist was always very thrilling to me, they gave me an intense inspiration and we created close friendships. It has ever since fascinated me to visit their home countries for a even better understanding of them, but also for a even better understanding of my own source of inspiration.

In May 2017 I went for a 6 weeks research to Accra, in collaboration with P Sam Kessie and grant-aided by the VG Bildkunst.

Exploring Accra and surrounding neighbourhoods, this is starting point of a multifaceted research on the plights and living conditions of amongst the youth, particularly sexworkers, who have dreams to leave their country, but also minors, who struggle to avoid entering the prostitution field.
Old tragedies and nightmares fuel an inner strength to survive in a society despite economic hardships, religious confines, and strong misogynistic views.

This series can be extended with interviews, videos and drawings made by the protagonists to a poetical multi-media piece, that shows my female point of view on the present day lives of young women in an African metropolitan capital city, while staying open to imaginations, and manufacturing imagery rich of atmosphere and emotions based on real-life clues, rather than straightforwardly depicting the realism or documenting reality.

This project will be continued in 2018.