Repeat After Me:BotMerica,BotMerica,Bot
Project info

Repeat After Me

Images by Jay Tyrrell
Poetry by Tim Stiles
Archival pigment prints 11x14, book proposed

Repeat After Me is collaboration between two artists in the centuries long
tradition of political cartoons and satire.

Political cartoons or editorial cartoons consist of two elements: caricature used in the

image and allusion in the comment. Current events in America generate a rich vein

to mine for inspiration including; inequality, social mores, protest and of course the

political times we live in. BotMerica is an imagined place, so please consider this


The carefully ordered world of BotMerica is unsettled. The Original Engineers spent

decades constructing a hierarchy of haves and have nots to ensure maximum

consumption of all of industry’s output. Marketing and advertising engineers worked

tireless hours to develop software to gerrymander desire. As society grew, and became more

complex ,the balances between the classes have came under pressure

Despite the Asimov Conventions for Bot society, the NotBots are demanding equality

and a fair distribution of charging stations. The HavBots , swollen larger, are even more

powerful in contradiction of their designed role.

This isn’t what The Original Engineers envisioned when they coded the Asimov Conventions

and created BotMerica.

Everything has to be rewritten. They have become us.