Tomorrow Was Created Yesterday
Project info

This is the story of how a building site helped me discover a new way of seeing how times past relate to now, !

On first inspection this photographic series might appear to be the product of digital manipulation , however , the collisions of time & coincidence seen here are created by a unlikely serendipitous reality, which is a bi-product of numerous mundane parking, security and public safety requirements !

All of the views here are as found and captured without my intervention.

These simple photographs show how a unremarkable demolition / construction site became the subject of my photographic attentions for more than a year due to the way a historically themed fence appeared to relate, evolve and juxtapose with life today. The more I looked at the historic photographic representations on this perimeter fence the more I noticed the surprising visual insights and contrasts that existed between modernity and nostalgia. .

The story starts in November 2016 when I capture a image of a modern hi-tech jogger running past what was then a demolition site, at first glance the runner appears to be in a a 100 year old street scene, however, the scene behind the runner is monochrome, while the runner enjoys full-colour representation ? This image was the first image that suggested a form of visual time travel to me that was worthy of further investigation !

Following this capture I revisited the site over the following year, at first I thought these images were a bit of fun, but eventually it dawned on me that these images were offering interesting interactions that displayed elements of wit and social comment. I adopted this location as part of my Street Photography route but I did not plan for these individual captures to be seen collectively , slowly I was getting drawn into how the saturated high visibility of the 21st century looked displaced against the nostalgic monochromatic streets of earlier times. . I eventually learned that these pictures possess a deeper significance as a body of work .

This unique perspective shows how a small part of a evolving British city can reveal a unexpected narrative of how scenes from the past maintain a surprising connection with life today !

These pictures document how our urban environments will always be unfinished work's in progress.