The Asphodel Meadows
Project info

This series inspired by Greek mythological symbolism pushes the reflection on the object as sign located within a contemporary notion of allegory: Mortal against God, Man against Capitalism. The title The Asphodel Meadows was a place in the Greek Underworld where ordinary or indifferent souls who did not belong anywhere else were sent. With Greece being the underdog of Europe for the last few years, this work aims at using symbolism for illustrating this reality.

The weighty atmosphere of being away from my homeland Greece together with the difficulty to reconnect each time I visit made me want to express a feeling of internal exile photographically. Coming from an old quarry suburb named The City of the Stone in the northwestern part of Athens, I used the location of the inactive now quarry which has been turned into a theatre made of stone to create the portraits of the local inhabitants.

I am interested in exploring the fine line between isolation and obsession looking into the connection of humans with places. This body of work illuminates and in turn embraces the emotional gap between absence and presence in familiar places which occasionally turn us into strangers to our own selves.