Little Ghosts
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Dwarfs, with a deformed or child-like body, dressed up and made up to frighten audiences in a Ghost House, and it instantly brings to mind old freaks shows. It shocks immediately, as a terrible step backwards in terms of human rights, a degrading exploitation of people’s disabilities.

Our revulsion may be somewhat toned down when faced with the current context of a developing country such as Cambodia, where having a disability still excludes you and gives you little to no access to work.

The Ghost House of Phnom Penh is one of the main attractions of Dreamland amusement park. In this country of superstitions, the little ghosts know how to play with the ambiguity of their appearance, a disability that becomes an asset for their performance. They also found a new family here into which they are completely integrated. "Tall" and "little" combined, we discover an ordinary youth full of life, between selfies, flirting and social media networks, indeed far from the prejudices.