I will know you by your gesture
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‘The heart has its reason
of which reasons know nothing”
~ Pascal

“Eros makes every man a poet”

What does the passion of Eros have to teach us about reality?
Since the scientific age began, we’ve lived in a universe where the perception of reality has been dominated by the Apollonian mind: its hope is that by intellect alone, the archaic nature can be pushed back and defeated: to name is to know, to know is to control.
However, Eros is a mystery, - the intricate intersection of nature and culture. It is a lack that aims for an object of desire - lost somehow, or unattainable - in a state of stoic melancholy. There is strong resemblance between the way Eros affects the mind of a lover, and creativity the mind of the artist. Imagination is the core of desire, it acts at the core of metaphor.
In all, there is a poignant paradox: we desire what we don’t have, in the attempt to close a void that can never be completely filled. I would like my photographs to be an ordering & reordering of these emotional & philosophical reverberations of our world.
After many years of making photographs, I have increasingly become interested in the way a person’s body becomes the layered cartography of the unspoken desires, and intrigued by the tension between the frozen and fluid gestures, which articulate our deepest contradictions.