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It is a worldwide phenomenon that people want to leave marks of their presence. In the
past paintings or handprints have been found in caves or at holy places in Africa or Australia.

Nowadays, all around the world people have unique ways of showing their affection for one
another, mostly on walls or trees. Few are as sweet and enduring as the act of locking away a couple’s love with a padlock and throwing away the keys.
Or, before „hashtag“ and „selfie“ were invented, people would take photographs and pin them on the wall.
Defaced obituaries commemorate deceased persons.
Skulls and crossbones are finally all that still remains.

All pictures tell little stories about love and desire, about time, life and death; ...pure philosophy.

The photographs were taken over several years in Portugal, Germany, Greece, Burma and Australia.
The series is titled:

„I was here“.