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Traces (Definition): A mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something.
I live in northern Italy in a small mountain village above the Lago Maggiore. The woods there are wild and rarely visited. We leave traces there. Long after we leave a a place or situation, you can see or feel our tracks. Walking through "my" forest, I find again and again legacies of the people who live or lived there. Some that I can explain, some always remain a mystery.
I have omitted the presence of people in the photos. It will be displayed the legacy of non-attendance. In a seemingly intact natural landscape.
I photographed this series in early Spring, Fall and Winter. The foliage is then less, the light is muted and the colors are monochrome. In addition, you can see things in the forest that you do not find in the other seasons.
In summer, the foliage and vegetation are too lush to discover the "hidden" secrets of the forest.