Don't forget me
Project info

We all know about the situation due to global warming, and we all know the consequences for bears, especially for the polar bears.
What is strange to me is how we can forget those beautiful animals, the same that are the emblem of childhood.
When a little baby come to life the first gift made is always a teddy bear. Teddy bears are the symbol of our childhood as everyone of us remember his teddy as the best friend ever.
But as we grow up our reminds start to fade together with our naivety.
We become part of the modern society, hurried and careless. We are no longer able to look at reality with the eyes of our true self, those when we were children.
Maybe is not possible for us to be children again, but is possible to teach our kids to don't forget the respect for the nature and the friendship with the animals.
I decide to start this project when I read comments on Facebook relative the short movie of Cristina G. Mittermeier of the bear starving to death.
All of them was accusing the photographer to have done nothing for help the bear.
So I asked my self, why people can so easily accusing someone for something we are all responsible for? Why people doesn't spend time to help who have the necessity or to improve our environment?
Hence the idea. I invited family's to partecipate in my project and as they helped me to take this picture with their kids they started to think about the problem where all of us are involved.
Climate changes are caused by natural conditions and evolution of our planet, but also due to pollution caused by our routine.
We can change things through small daily actions. If each of us committed as the parents that helped me with this project, the world would surely be a healthier place.