The Silk Road: A strange and brutal road to globalization
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To us westerners China is a Far and mysterious place with foreign wonders. Home of great food and better hospitality, which it is. China is one of the worlds leading superpowers of the world and economy and employment is everything? The country has shifted dramatically over a short period of time with rich glitzy advertizing. With a national income of 21.37 trillion dollars (2016) this country is heaving with ancient tradition and modern innovation and forcing western values. They have many cities of opportunity and thriving energy but this also leads to poverty and exclusion. Homelessness in china is a vast and growing problem due to its western interests and vast growth. China has the landmass of 9.597km2 and a population of 1.379billion people. Over 2.41 million people are left homeless and a staggering 179.000 among them are children. 0.18% of Chinas populations are homeless in comparison to that of my home nation the United Kingdom of 0.20% and a population of 65.64 million And a landmass of 242,495km2. This shows the shire scale of and problem it is becoming for the people of China to keep up with the changing times of globalization. Chinas rate of inflation is going up at 1.6% year by year more and more people struggle to make a living. The nation GDP growth rate is sat at -l =1.70 ref q3 in 2017 pre=1.80 and a range of 1.30:2.40 but all of this look like good news for china however this is leading to mass unemployment and homelessness. The rate of unemployment is currently at 3.95 percent of its population. This causes homelessness and definite problems to mental health issues, which can also lead to more severe things such as suicide. 22.23 people out of 100,000 per capita commit suicide. This is among one the highest suicide rates in the world. With people flocking from all over the country to the cities to find work and better-paid work these people are also forces to live in dire conditions. People that are coming from far distances such as the far out country side do not even have I.D cards and cannot find work or even use transport or have bank accounts so they are left to the streets and low paid cash jobs and begging for money. I propose to underline the differences between these two worlds of the rich glitzy advertising world the dram life and that of some of the poorest and doomed people of China. I fight for these people who are cast off out on the margins of society. I will get close to these people and document their lives, how they are treated by their own people and by their government. I have always had a affinity for homeless people I feel their pain and I feel there hunger. I wish to make people aware of the dangers of a vast and forever evolving society and in tern leaving its people behind.