Papuan Heart: Lives in Transition
Project info

This project was shot in West Papua, Indonesia in April and May 2017.

Today, the native Melanesian population of West Papua is in a precarious position: The modernising cogs of missionaries, progress and change have hastened the evaporation of their traditional culture, while the continued Indonesian annexation of the territory prevents the native population from exercising their right of self-determination.

I do not pretend to know any solutions to resolve the complex issues faced by the Indonesian and native Melanesian people of West Papua. Similarly, I am not attempting to make any judgment about the ongoing situation in that territory. Physically, culturally and spiritually, I am an outsider. My personal views are therefore naive and unworthy of publication.

The images presented in this project are merely a visual record of the experiences I encountered while travelling through the West Papuan territory earlier this year.